J.J. Studio


J.J. Studio Summit Park Park City John Sugden, architect 1974

In one of the final residences of an illustrious career of design and education, Utah native John Sugden wanted to build a model of his design philosophy. Using the steel I-beams and glass he so frequently employed as both structure and artistry, Sugden built a gleaming cube that expressed rigidity of form and dimension, transparency, and flexibility. The three-story home was built such that it could be expanded up or to the side with the same materials without further structural reinforcement and without jeopardizing the original design intent. The home was created with separation between areas for living, sleeping, and working with plentiful storage space for an architect and artist. With minimal changes to the exterior and interior, the J.J. Studio stands as a significant construction of Utah modernism. Read more about John Sugden at UHF. Read “Modern Architecture Utah Style,” in Utah Preservation Magazine, Vol. 10.

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