We met the match!

With the outstanding help and support from 49 donors, we raised over $15,000 to meet the George S. and Dolores Dorѐ Eccles Foundation’s challenge grant. Read more >

Help us Make the Save

Donate through 11/21 to save mid-century and rural properties and help us meet the $15,000 challenge grant of the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation. Click here to take you to our Razoo online campaign. Read more >

Interested in joining the Salt Lake Modern Committee?

The application period to join the Salt Lake Modern Committee is open now through October 15, 2014. This is your opportunity to join one of the most popular programs at Utah Heritage Foundation and help shape our message and the course of saving mid-century modern architecture in Utah. Read more >

10 Ways to Preserve Places of the Recent Past

Check out the National Trust’s 10 Ways to Help Preserve Places from the Recent Past. Many of them don't require a lot of money to start! Read more >

Coming this Fall! Modernism at the Utah History Conference

This year’s Utah History Conference (September 6 at the Rio Grande Depot) will include sessions that touch on issues of mid-century life and architecture in Utah.  Notable among these is a presentation by preservation consultant Bim Oliver: “From Mansion to  Read more >

Coming this Summer! Interviews with prominent living mid-century Utah architects

Learn about the architects’ approaches to design, which mid-century buildings they consider most significant, and how community attitudes affected the development of modern design in Utah. Read more >

Open house for incredible Panushka-designed residence in Millcreek

The Panushka-designed house that we’ve cited as being endangered within the last month will be hosting an open house on Thursday, October 25 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  The house was built in 1959, is in good condition, and rests on a  Read more >

Next SLM event – Snowbird on Saturday 9/22!

Please join us at our next Salt Lake Modern event on Saturday, September 22 at Snowbird. Will likely be your ONLY chance to take this tour and hear from one of the original designers, architect Ray Kingston. Read more >

Ogden mid-century tour on 9/15

This promises to be a fun and interesting tour. Our partner Weber County Heritage Foundation always puts on a great show. Make your plans to be there! Read more >

Phoenix Wright masterpiece still not saved

After a post several weeks ago, more information is available as to what you can do to help save this Frank Lloyd Wright modern house in Phoenix. Read more >

Future Prentice Competition

Hey architects, here's a great competition for you to participate in if you'd like to go to Chicago. Read more >

Miami Marine Stadium

Check out this super fun video! Parkour meets Preservation meets Mid-Century Modern icon. Read more >

The Rise of the Creative Class

If you're not familiar with the phrase "Creative Class" as coined by Richard Florida, now's your big chance. His book The Rise of the Creative Class caught fire when it was published ten years ago, launching a movement to talk about the economic, social, and environmental impact of the creative industries. Florida is revisiting his oft-quoted book in a new edition and speaks about how the impacts of the Creative Class in a post-9/11 society in a new article in Atlantic Cities. Read more >

Chicago’s Prentice Women’s Hospital endangered

One of Chicago’s most unusual and iconic Modernist architectural treasures is threatened with demolition, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation needs your help to save it! Read more >

Modernism landmark event in St. George

Come celebrate both the dedication of the Orval and Ruth Hafen Home as an historic landmark of the City of St. George and the opening of the Roene DiFiore Center for Arts and Education. Read more >

It’s a bad time to be beton brut (Brutalist)

Check out this recent article from Architect by Ned Cramer entitled "Not Old Enough." Within the national dialogue that is happening right now about saving modernism and the Brutalist style, he is spot on. Read more >

Help save FLW house in Phoenix

In 1950-52, Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built a house for his son David on 5212 E. Exeter Rd. in Phoenix. It is a remarkable house, not only compared to most houses of the era, but even compared to other Wright buildings. Read more >

St. Mary’s Tour Flyer

If you still need one last push to buy your tickets in advance, we've got our St. Mary's tour flyer available now. Read more >

Case Study House For Sale

This place in incredible and pristine. Designed by Rodney Walker on a fantastic site. Read more >

Help save Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis

Peavey Plaza is an imminently threatened modernist masterpiece in Minneapolis by landscape architect Paul Friedberg. Read more >

Paris Public Housing Tower Becomes a Beacon

Article in the NYT today on rehab of a mid-century apartment tower.  Great story of reuse and conservation of modern materials.  Read more >

Lecture: Temple Architecture for a Modern Age

Make plans to attend this special event. Temple Architecture for a Modern Age: The 40th Anniversary of the Provo Temple Presented by Alan Barnett on Monday, April 2, 2012 Read more >

Driving Tour of Mid Century Modern Homes in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake realtor Mony Ty guided Retro Renevation's Pam Kueber on a driving tour of MCM homes in Salt Lake City. Take the tour yourself! Read more >
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