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BLOGS Montgomery Modern (Montgomery County, Maryland) EVENTS Modernism Week (Palm Springs, California) WEBSITES Palm Springs Preservation Foundation (Palm Springs, California)  Read more >

Protecting Modernism

In developing a preservation strategy, it is necessary to assess the threat to the building. The following are some of the specific circumstances for each site that will raise red flags regarding the longevity of a historic building: • Absentee   Read more >

Financial Resources

Finding resources to preserve historic buildings in Utah is possible through a variety of loans and grants. Utah Heritage Foundation, a non-profit statewide historic preservation advocacy organization, offers an array of real estate programs that can benefit an owner financially. To qualify, a property must be at least 50 years old and retain its architectural integrity. Approval of loan applications is based on a number of criteria, including the historic appropriateness of the proposed renovation and availability of loan funds. Owners of National Register-listed buildings may donate easements to UHF to insure the preservation of their buildings in perpetuity and may take a charitable gift tax deduction on the federal return for the value of the donation. For more information contact: Elizabeth Bradley-Wilson at (801) 533-0858 extension 103. Read more >


Rehabilitation and Adaptive Use
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When initially assessing the exterior integrity of a mid-century modern building, one needs to carefully determine possible additions.  If possible, determine when these changes occurred and if they were part of the original  Read more >


Local Designation
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While National Register designation provides honorary benefits as well as access to financial incentives, it does not provide any protections for demolition or major alterations that can destroy the character of a building. The power  Read more >


Survey The preservation process requires more “ongoing study and interpretation” to establish the importance of a building or site. A common initial step is to conduct a reconnaissance level survey to make initial determinations, then prepare a local contextual history,  Read more >


Many mid-century modern buildings in Utah are important not merely for their architectural significance, but also for the story they tell about a place’s rapid growth in the 1950s and 60s.  Stories are a key to developing interest in the  Read more >
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